Sunday, March 27, 2005


I’ve tried to find new words.
To make up my blackest day.
Without any minor chords.
Or a cold storm in may.

I’ve lied to keep the truth from sin.
To make up a perfect reality.
A reason to fill me in.
From any emptiness in my own city.

I’ve cried to wash away all pain.
To make up a new version of me.
Something worth to gain.
Something worth to wait and see.

I witness a big tide in people’s life.
I witness the reason to survive.
I witness a way to realize.
I witness a big difference and I memorize.

I witness… but I never find any clue.
I witness… but I never find the truth.
And I wait… still.

‘till I can view the sky in a different color.
‘till I make a big difference to regain my honor.
‘till I’m in the hour, to taste my flavor.
I wait… still,
keep walking.
To make a big difference in me.

27 Mach 2005, 4.29 PM