Thursday, April 28, 2005


Back then I was so sure, that I was totally born as a free man.
I dreamed to live as a wild animal.
"Running around, playing, and have some fun".
"The earth is my bed, the sky is my roof".
I had no reason to stay.

Soon I realized that, all I was doing was running away from my life.
Coz I didnt get the idea, I never realized.
That even a wild animal have their endurance limit.
That they surely need a place to stay.
And juz can’t deny.
That there’s a place called “home”.

And juz can’t deny.
Though it means cry many times.
But… I learn the meaning of joy and happiness.
Though it feels sweaty and hot inside.
But… It’s the place to cool off my mind.
Though it spaced me and looks like a narrow dark area.
But… In this tiny little cage… I’ve learned how to fly… and not for once.

And juz can’t deny.
I will always back to a place called “home”.
I have to!
I must!
Coz it’s a place called “home”.
The place where I am belong.

The place I found love.
The love untill the end of my journey.
And juz can’t deny.
I live a life in a place called “home”.

27 April 2005, 3.15 PM


I stay up tonite, being half asleep.
Wondering where am I.
Amazed by the confusion so deep.

I am asking myself about life.
I asking my life about me.
I am asking them about us.. me and myself.

I am searching for u, for u have been a stranger to me.
I am searching for u, coz I miss you so much.
My spirit, my body, are looking for the other you, my pure soul.

Should I knock at your door?
Should I touch u softly, beg u, to come back and reveal urself?
Should I try? Or should I cry?

Where have you been all this time? I do miss u so much.
I miss me so much.
I miss myself so much.
I miss my dreams so much.

I miss the art of struggling, the one once you admired.
I miss the art of happiness, the one once you stepped on ur loneliness.
I miss the art of rebellion, the one once you showed all the time as a free spirit.

Nothing can worry u.
Nothing can control u.
Nothing can smash u dust.
Nothing about u is lust.

My body, my spirit, r longing 4 u my soul.
The one who worship me, myself and my dreams.
I’ve been fooled once.
But not now,I know what I want.
I’ll fight 4 u once again.

26 April 2005, 11.15 AM